Our travel in 2014

Our travel in 2014

We have to admit, the LS team have been really really very fortunate in travel styled 2014. Give us a plane ticket, our passport and we are off around the world, ticking off that bucket list like it’s about to expire. 





I started 2014 in Tignes. Now the photos really are beautiful (because it is VERY pictureskew!!) and  the company was tip top – the best. Would I go back? No! Why? Well, because I am not a fan of wearing more clothes when you go on holiday and I just haven’t fallen in love with skiing as much as some people I know have!  There is a part of me that thinks I can break it, that can really go through the pain barrier but, really, how many pain barriers can you have??



A green juice took me to Lisbon, well, actually, a lot of green juices. We were lucky enough to go to Jason Vales – The Juicemaster – retreat in Portugal called Juicy Oasis and then we popped into Lisbon for the weekend (more on Juicy Oasis in Februarys issue). And I loved Lisbon, I especially loved the people in Lisbon; we found them incredibly friendly and cheeky! Just a delight. The views were immense and as we walked about the colours of the buildings really capture you. We managed to stumble upon a brilliant place called “Pharmacia” that is in the apothecary museum – this place is so wonderfully quirky with the waiters in white lab coats and the appetisers served in test tubes! The walls are filled with pharmaceutical “memorabilia” (if such a thing existed) and the bill arrived in a sample tube. Genius. I would go back in a flash for the weather, the shopping and a test tube shot! 



It was on my vision list to go to Rome in 2014 and the universe opened up a possibility for that with one of my clients in December.  It was a cacophony of style, taste, boundaries and tradition and I am going back as soon as I can. Many people said I would love Italy and they did not lie. I loved everything from the chihuahas to the Vatican. Best way to see Rome? A Segway of course! I had the best time (and laughed far too much) when we took to the streets on a Segway. This whole trip resulted in my asking  Santa for Italian lessons, a camera and ..a Segway (still waiting on said Segway delivery). 


Kuala Lumpur & Port Dickson 

Again, client work took me to KL and, as with most work, you end up seeing the hotel, training room and the back of a taxi drivers head, I stayed on for a couple of days to explore. I managed to get to a place just outside of KL – even though most of the locals told us to go further afield – and found an oasis of wonder which spiraled me into sensory overload. As you walk into the retreat you are faced with peacocks, chickens and many other random animals walking around. What did I love about it? I felt, even after only 2 days, that I had had a whole week off. The water under the water bungalows soothed me to sleep every night and the walks around the grounds brought alive my creativity. Do not get me started on the spa! Off the scale! 


Utrecht, Holland

Again, work took me over to Amsterdam and I was lucky enough to stay in Utrecht. I can only describe this place as a “mini Amsterdam in a box”.  Its probably got most of what Amsterdam has on a smaller scale and less red light action (certainly none that I could find anyway!) What was especially delightful was sitting by the canal having lunch and a wee prosecco (or 2, or actually 20!). I adored how people hired differnet types of boats and loaded up with picnics and champagne and traversed up and down the canals, I may have missed this in Amsterdam but I Loved this! I shall be returning as my dear friend lives there and I feel I didn’t sample enough of the cute shops around the canal. 


Amsterdam, Holland 

And! Amsterdam was a location for a city break in April time. Having been to Amsterdam a few times and completed the “usual” places (!)  I wanted to ensure that this trip was a little different. My “must sees” were  - a windmill (thank goodness for Billys navigation in finding one!) and Nine Streets. Would I go back? I think so…. 



Ah Paris – it is always a good idea. And lets just get it over with – I’d go back – tomorrow! I spend a bit of time there as I have a few clients there – hard times I know! However this time was with my dearest friend and that was just special. We went for a day – special again. And it was for her birthday – special tripled. Loved – a tour in a 2cV – a guide with a (hugely generalised) stripey top and beret picked us up, took us in and around all little streets and past all the staring tourists.  We had croissants, we had coffee, we had eggs (really) and it was lush. Booking tickets now.. 






A city that has been named the most liveable city in the world, four years in a row is somewhere that now has a massive part of my heart.Living in Melbourne has changed me for life and coming from a Scot, believe me when I say, Australia really is an amazing country with so much to offer. Exactly a year ago to the day, I travelled up to the Whitsunday’s and snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef. Swimming with turtles, manta rays and endless tropical fish was an incredible experience and one which will stay with me forever. Now to get back over there…



Is three times in two years a tad excessive? Not when it’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world with amazing, kind and friendly people. I love talking to the Thai people, hearing their stories and culture and sharing jokes with them even though they may not understand a thing I’m saying. They are so proud of their country and genuinely feel lucky to live there. I once asked a Thai man who had visited Sydney, if he would like to live there and he replied, ‘No I don’t think so because it is too crowded and fast moving. I prefer the peace and quiet of my country, my island.’ I’m looking at flights…



I visited Fiji for a good friend’s wedding, and what a place to go on holiday let alone, get married. The idyllic idea of a sun filled ceremony didn’t quite go to plan (cue strong winds and torrential rain) but it didn’t take away the uniqueness of what we were there for. Within walking distance from our hotel was the Kula Eco Park in Sigatoka. Put it this way - I.love.animals. so this was a massive experience in itself, let alone it being in Fiji. My favourite memory of the place was being able to donate $20 (Aus) which would send a Fijian primary school class to the park for a visit. The picture of the class was emailed to me a month later.



Lagos, Portugal is a small town in the Algarve which has my summer job destination throughout university. A quiet, historic town by day comes to life at night, not with your neon strip of bars but bars that are cleverly hidden and dotted around the narrow cobbled streets. I met one of my closest friends whilst working here and have created so many memories there that is a place that will always be special to me. We are so lucky in Scotland to live so close to Europe. Portugal will be a yearly holiday for me. 


Las Vegas

I didn’t have a clue what to expect from Vegas, all I’d seen or heard was from the movies. Gambling, partying and late nights. During landing, whilst still on the plane, I could see the strip and all the mahoosive hotels and my excitement escalated. Even your journey from airport to hotel is no more than 10 mins. A whirlwind 25 hours here called for a very quick tour, so we dropped our bags off, watched the beautiful fountains at The Bellagio, indulged in some drinks and a slice of pizza and called it a night (mainly because all that was open on a Sunday was a Strip club apparently…). Caesers Palace, Little White Chapel and a cheeky gamble the next day and I feel that I have well and truly ticked Vegas off! 


New York

While in the Big Apple what does it decide to do..SNOW! Very very exciting day. Snow, broadway and Statue of Liberty..you cannot get much better than that. I was lucky enough be spending my birthday in New York, so after a prosecco-filled night out, I was surprised with a birds eye trip over the city in a Helicopter. Amazing experience and would highly recommend it to you all! With so much to see and not enough time to fit it all in, I am already planning next winter!

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