25 hours in... Glasgow

25 hours in... Glasgow

With the jobs that I do I am incredibly lucky in that I travel a lot.

As I sat in yet another hotel room eating another Caesar salad (and chips!) I decided to make more of an effort to see where I was – if not, all I would see is the hotel room and training room.

So, I vowed to make sure wherever I would be I would go out and experience what was happening in and around the area.

If I am in London I will see what is happening in the School of Life and, invariably, end up shopping in &otherstories. Get me into Perth and I shall have my favourite breakfast and juice in “Toast” to cure my jetlag (and then shop in Claremont!).

And so this feature is if you are travelling for business and you have only a small amount of time, where can you get the best coffee, have a super night out or indeed experience some of the local yokels?

Its only our experience and so please add to it.

As its our first issue and our home town is Glasgow we bring you... 25 hours in Glasgow... You got to squeeze out more time…


GORDON ST COFFEE, is in one of the busiest locations in Glasgow’s city centre..right at the entrance to Central station. Could you get much handier than that. It serves delicious coffee that you don’t have to wait long for at all, is the city centre’s only coffee shop to roast its own coffee and is also one of the few cafes to open at 6am right through until 10pm. So for those long days of meetings, meetings and more meetings ahead of us, Gordon St Coffee has our back. With a cosy, friendly atmosphere, you can also choose to sit down and  grab a quick breakie before the day begins.     


MARTHA’S is undoubtedly one of Glasgow’s hidden gems. Having just recently moved back to Glasgow, people are astounded to hear that I am only just a new fan of Martha’s..but I am a big one at that.

It offers a huge range of deliciously varied food for the breakie lover, lunchtime on the run, or even an early dinner. You can be guaranteed very tasty yet healthy options, a place to sit and enjoy your meal and if it isn’t food that is calling, how about a health juice to keep you going.

We were lucky enough to speak to Kate Clark, the owner of Martha’s to get a little insight into her day to day business savvy style.

How would you describe the style of Martha’s and the inspiration behind it?
Martha's blends vitality, goodness and soul through its hip restaurant environment and healthy fast food menu. We aim to inspire busy people to embrace a new fast food experience, adding new colour to their working day and enjoying great Scottish produce in an eclectic, megalicious healthy way.

What draws the customers in?
The fast moving queue that often spills onto the street! The busy environment inside, the delicious & healthy food, cooked on site, from scratch, by our team of chefs.  Fast, efficient & friendly service.

What do your customers really love?
From punks to pensioners…brickies to barristers…gym stars to fashion Tsars - we've got a very diverse and loyal customer base. Some people come for lunch power natters, some for Kindle quiet break, some for a handy 'double parked!' drive-by bite, some just like the the tunes! Everyone is united in a love of tasty and nutritious food and feel good by supporting local Scottish suppliers.

How do you generally style your day, as a business owner?
On the restaurant floor from 8am greeting and serving customers at the start of their working day. After the breakfast rush I’m out either meeting existing corporate clients or taking samples to new corporate customers.  We supply citizenM Hotel with their food for both guests and their meeting rooms so just before lunch I’ll drop in there. I like to be in Martha’s for the busy lunch rush between 12 & 2.  Post lunch I respond to e-mails, set up meetings and work on business development.  I like to leave at around 4 so I can pick up my little girl and spend time with her.

What is your special sparkle?
If you’re having a hard day at work pop into Martha’s and I can guarantee by the time you leave you’ll have a happy tummy and a smile on your face.


BREL is a Belgian inspired restaurant situated in the quaint Ashton Lane in the West End of Glasgow. Very easy to get to by taking the subway to Hillhead station and a 2 minute walk from there. This very popular, cosy restaurant has what can only be described as a very rustic feel to it and has a beautiful outdoor beer garden to the back of it. Booking is almost essential at weekends but even if it’s a last minute decision, the bar will prop you up while you await your table. A must visit with true Scottish charm.          


GIN 71 famous for its...ummm..Gin.., is a fairly recent little treasure Glasgow has acquired. With a collection of seventy-one artisan gins plus plenty of other options for the non-gin drinkers out there, this is the place to shmooze clients, colleagues or even just your best of friends. Not just for any old night, keep this one for something special.       

Shop til you drop

A must visit in Glasgow’s West End is OLIVER AND BONAS. Celebrating their 21st birthday this year, the British born company has that special secret something you can take home with  you from your ‘work trip’. Clothes, candles, stationary and gifts are just a few among the wide variety this store offers. We will take full responsibility for guiding you towards it, however the items purchased are all down to you. ‘Shop til you drop’, we warned you!

Getting around

Glasgow has finally joined other major cities around the world in introducing the MACH scheme, short term bike hire for tourists and locals to get around the city with ease and style. The bikes are parked at 31 different locations around the city and can be hired for a small fee. Local businesses can sign up for corporate membership to allow staff and customers free access to the bikes. Get cycling!

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“And then I realised adventure is the best way to learn"

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