A London Excursion

A London Excursion

For 25 hours in London I think I cried like a baby.

I know we have already given you 25 hours in London article however I had such a whirlwind 25 hours in London that I had to share.

I was lucky enough to spend a couple of days with my parents – I had purchased tickets to see Billy Connolly at the Apollo and so we made a trip of it (obviously I bought tickets for myself too, I am a HUGE fan).

It was a whistle-stop tour (genuinely 25 hours) and we took the opportunity to take in a show before getting to see Mr. Connolly.

Mum suggested we go to see a show and voted for “War Horse”. Happy to go to anything I booked the tickets and got us to the theatre on the day unaware of what the story was all about.

Within 5 seconds I was mesmerised. I couldn’t believe that I was so emotional over a puppet. Logically, I could see that there were people on either side of a handspring puppet (made by South Africa’s handspring puppet company) however the movement and articulation was so real. This was an unforgettable experience and although unsure I would be able to survive the second half as couldn’t quite see through the tears and snot I managed it and reapplied make up on exit. I urge you to get to the New London theatre before the run ends on the 12th March. Run and then read the rest of this article later!!!

We then snuck into the Hawksmoor for some cocktails and food. Thank you for the recommendation Chris! Loved it.

My dad loved the shaky Pete cocktails (having Parkinson’s he thought it was named for him) – they were delicious.

Billy Connolly was on form!

He started the show saying “OK lets talk about my illness it will stop you symptom Spotting” and he talked about symptoms of Parkinson’s, procedures for prostate cancer and the changes in his life.
The big thing that struck me was the palpable feeling of respect in the Apollo.  The applause to start and to finish was filled with such admiration, love and huge respect for a man that has made us laugh for 50 years now.
To share it with my parents was extra special.

Breakfast was – to quote my dad “better than Greggs” as we dined in Aqua Shard in the Shard.

Oh my goodness. The food was AMAZING. You know when you read a menu and you feel sad that you have to choose? That’s how we felt so I actually did choose a couple of dishes even though the waitress tried to talk me out of it (in a very elegant fashion she was saying I was being greedy).

And to top it off – the view. Not too shabby.

Then back to Citizen M for red velvet cake – seriously after all that breakfast Dad??? Loved it!

Thanks London.

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