Skiing from both sides

Skiing from both sides

A Skiing holiday brings up an interesting debate in the Leadership Styled office. 

I (Kirsty) have a firm belief that you should wear less clothes on holiday. Rachel started skiing when she was 4 and is on a countdown to her St Anton holiday on Saturday and the first rush on the first slope. I have just returned from a skiing not skiing holiday where I travelled to a ski resort (and thus had to wear more clothes) however did not set foot on a slope. I went to the gym and spa and had the odd cheese fondue however one did not ski. 

I have always had the “excessive clothing” belief however the boyfriend loves to ski and in order to actually get some time with him over Xmas and New year I compromised and became the Michelin man (obviously not I kitted myself out in all the gear!). 

My hatred of it stems from an A&E visit on my first skiing lesson (an embarrassing story) and then a panic attack (genuine ugly crying) on the slopes. 

Strange considering however it has definitely created a scar. 

As I get confused that you cannot ski when there is too much snow (surely that’s the point) and do not know the difference between the Alps and Whistler I shall leave this travel styled article to the skier…. 

Cue Rachel. 

I (Rachel) have an unconditional love for skiing. I was plonked into ski boots as a 4 year old and pointed down the mountain. That sounds rather neglectful of my parents. They did teach me how to ski first and safely at that. My brother and I were fearless and I believe that has led to my loving of the sport still at the grand old age of 28.

I adore my summer holidays and love nothing more than baking in the sun but there is nothing quite like a skiing holiday. It is special. There is copious amounts of fun to be had and getting up at the crack of dawn to open your curtains to a glistening snow-covered mountian makes the cold, long and tiring days so very worth it. 

My recommended resorts:

  • Les Gets, France
  • St Anton, Austria
  • Breckenridge, Colorado
  • Chamonix, France
  • Kitzbühel, Austria
  • Bansko, Bulgaria
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