To walk, to cycle, public transport or drive...

We all have reasons for the different ways we all get to work but the pros and cons from each journey vary.

I (Rachel) live about a 20 minute drive from the city centre where there is no train station, there is one bus every hour and even at that my journey would still have about an hour of walking on top of it. So I have to drive, which is much quicker, however I then have rush hour to take into consideration and avoid like the plague. 

I often envy people who can jump on the train and get stuck into their emails during the journey. By the time you reach the office you already know what is going and what you have to get stuck into to start the day. 

However, this is not always the case, as quite often I have been on a train with no seat, standing uncomfortably in the doorway squished beside my fellow commuters. 

Some like to catch up on more sleep on their way to and from work and hence prefering to take the train or bus. 

I have weighed up all the benefits of taking public transport and came to the conclusion that it just isn't the best option for me.

Happy travelling commuters!



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