25 hours in Lisbon

25 hours in Lisbon

Lucky enough to go to Lisbon? Enjoy it!
Beautiful cafes and restaurants, delightful humans and super independent shops to explore. 

We have had a few weekends away in Lisbon recently and have loved it. What in particular? The people have been delightful – big love to the portugese and have enjoyed every mouthful in the restaurants and cafes we have been to .


Sacramento do Chiado Calcada 

This was recommended to us the last time we were in Lisbon and it did not disappoint.  The décor is lovely, the cocktail list vast and even though I have no recollection of what we ate I can tell you it was delicious. 


This restaurant is integrated into the Pharmacy museum and is a must visit for a quirky dining experience. The interior is inspired by old pharmacies, the wine cooler is a triage tray and the bill is presented in a sample pot. Whats not to love! 


There are beautiful concept stores amongst department stores in Lisbon. If you are partial to cork then you will be sure to get a delightful cork bag, shoe or indeed umbrella in many of the shops. Oprah Winfrey is a fan of the Claus Porto soaps and so – good enough for Oprah – would be good enough for us!  

Must dos:  

Well – obviously a portugese tart. Although not sure the portugese call them portugese tarts.. Custard in a pastry case – heaven. And if you want to overdose on said tarts then you need to head to Antiga Confeitaria de Belem. Apparently this little café turns out 16,000 tarts a day which are all hand made on the premises. 

Would be rude not to huh? 

Fado music – Lisbon is famed for its traditional portugese folk music Fado's roots can be traced back to the early 1800's and originated in Portugal and is poetic and storytelling in its form. You wont miss this music hen you are there but be sure to seek out a restaurant or bar to listen along. 

Top tips 

How to get around - Walk walk walk! 

Wear flats when walking around. You will want to roam around the streets and the calf muscles get a really good work out in all the hills that exist. Get yourself up to the top to see beautiful views over the city and down to the waterfront 

If you are in Lisbon for more than a few days you have some great day trip options. 

Sintra – c 40km away - is a sightseeers dream with ancient castles, palaces and mountain ranges. Breathtaking views over the Lisbon plains and the Serra de Sintra mountain range. 

Cascais – 25 km away – enjoy the coast hugging rail journey to this cute little coastal resort enjoyed by residents and tourists.

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