Packing effortlessly

Packing effortlessly

Packing is something most of us initially get excited about, as it welcomes thoughts of jetting off to warm, sunny climates but then realistically, when it comes down to the final hours before we fly - we panic. Packing is, all of a sudden, not what we thought it would be like. It becomes rushed, and annoying. We don’t know what to pack, how much to pack and always (without fail) pack WAY too much. Which in turn results in the stress of almost having to unpack before you have even got on the plane. 

Let’s just say that if there was someone to pack for us, we would probably love them to do so. 

The LS team have compiled a few of our top tips to help banish those packing panics:


  • Make a list, scrutinise said list several times until you are confident you do or don’t need everything on the list.


  • Try things on before you go. Something might not fit the way you expected it to and it’s too late to find out when you are already away (cue - precious space being wasted).


  • Always pack for the best case scenario - anything you don’t have yet may need can more than often be picked up someone.


  • Have a suitcase with several compartments - this will help you to separate your items so you know where everything is.


  • Weight restrictions are our worst fear - never have we gone up to the bag drop without the panic of going over the designated weight. If you have packed sensibly, this should rarely apply but make sure you have a roomy hand luggage to cram some items in if need be. 


With Summer still around the corner… (still hoping for some sun in Glasgow) …use our packing top tips to help ease the stress that comes from packing.

Happy holidays!

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