Our travel pet hates

Our travel pet hates

Our travel dislikes…

One of the first areas you encounter a pet hate is at Airport Security. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are all for the high alert, take your shoes and belt off regime but come on people…be prepared. Which queue do you choose? Who looks like they are ready to put their items in the tray and get through swiftly? Granted we always choose the slow queue  whichno doubt adds to the stress of it all. Not long before you are undress, scanned and given the go ahead to collect your items but….oh…no ones has picked their tray up and put it back in the pile. So our items are stuck in the Xray machine!!! People standing staring and wondering which Harry Potter spell will move all of their trays. Simple..just pick them up and put them in the pile.

We are all given a seat number, one which is not going to be snatched away from you minutes before we board. This, however, does not stop the incredible rush towards the departure gate as boarding is called. People cannot get there fast enough, it resembles a rampage. We stand our ground and wait until the very last person has boarded only to be given smug little ‘Oh poor you coming on last’ looks from those already seated. All goes out the window when one has speedy boarding…then we are right up there!

When we are finally seated (god forbid it wasn’t first), the first thing is to get comfortable, seat belt on magazine out and then Mr Man beside decides to spread his legs out, right across the VERY CLEAR LINE that states his seat ends and ours begins. No no no. This is my dance space, that is your dance space. Stick to it.

The plane is delayed. The typical ‘How can this be happening’ person on every flight begins to kick off at the poor Air Steward or Stewardess who cannot do a single things to speed the plane up, yet calmly listen to said passenger and assure them that they will look into it and get back to them. Please just accept that if the Pilot has delayed the plane it is for a reason!!!

We’ve all gathered our hand luggage and are making our way off the plane and out of the airport when all of a sudden, right in front of you someone stops dead to fix their trolley handle. Is it really that difficult to carry it to the side of the walkway and do it out of they way? No, didn’t think so. 

So you’ve just spent the flight sitting in your seat, minding your own business, planning your onward journey out of the airport, stopping off via baggage reclaim and whilst standing in position, gazing at the luggage belt moving round ever so slowly, when out of nowhere, someone, anyone brushes right past you to stand in your immediate view. Right. In. Front. Of. You. Unacceptable and very very bizarre behaviour. 

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