25 hours in...The South of France

25 hours in...The South of France


Any little French cafe with seats sprawling out onto the pavement will do just fine for a morning coffee and croissant. Starting the day in one of these cafes will be sure to make you smile with the locals strolling by and being able to observe the French lifestyle at it’s best.



The relaxed beach bars are perfect for whittling the afternoon away, eating, drinking, sunning, sleeping. However you choose to spend your lunch..by the sea is the place to go.



Comptoir Central Electrique - a quirky, hidden restaurant and bar in the heart of Nice. Booking is recommended but not essential. Look out for all the little nicnacs around the place…certainly makes it unique and memorable. We would highly recommend you pay this place a visit.



La Marée - delightful but with very very strong cocktails. With a view looking out over the Monaco harbour, it would be rude not to have a drink or two here. 



The little French streets are home to markets and stalls where you can purchase traditional french trinkets and gifts. High end boutiques and big stores are almost everywhere - they can’t not be with the amount of style going around. Get yourself a big hat, a jumpsuit and jewels and you are good to go. 


Getting Around

Boat. Or helicopter. Or very fast, expensive car. The South of France has money and they show it. I mean…there are trains and buses and you can walk so there really are plenty of options. Wherever you go, take in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy every moment.

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