25 hours in...Rome

25 hours in...Rome



The most important rule when ordering a coffee in Italy is to make sure you ask for it in the correct way.

If you sit at a table to order coffee it will cost you more than if you stand at the bar to have it like the locals.

If you enjoy the caffeine hit that a coffe has then you must ask for a ‘Latte machiatto’ which means - coffee with milk. If you just ask for a 'Latte' then you will simply recieve a cup of hot milk. And one last thing..if you don't take sugar in your coffee, say you don't or they will put it in anyway.



As you will see in the where to dine section, we have recommended you go for the authentic, typically Italian style of restaurant. It automatically creates a great experience and why would you not want to go somewhere that has been making the ‘best pizzas in Itlay’ for the past 100 years…



There are many many places to eat in and around Rome, however, similarly to the lunch recommendation, you must make sure that you visit one of the authentic, typically Italian, non english speaking restaurants as they will most certainly give you the best dining experience ever!



In a hard to find little corner of the super cool Pigneto district of Rome, there you will find Bar Necci, a garden terrace with a wrap around seating, very friendly staff and delicious food and drink! Slightly of the beaten track but well worth a visit. We hghly recommend.


Shop ’til you drop

You can most certainly combine shopping and sightseeing in Rome as near the Spanish Steps you have all the biggest names in Italian fashion: Gucci, Prada, Armani, Versace, Ferragamo, Cavalli as well as Fendi, Bulgari and Valentino. Via del Corso and the streets around it have every shop you can imagine from the Ferrari flagship store to the Disney store (what more could you ask for) !?!


Getting around

One of the most popular ways to get around Rome is by taking a Segway Tour. It is a fun and eco-friendly way to see all the sights of the city whilst having a good old laugh with your fellow Segway enthusiasts.

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