25 hours in...New York

25 hours in...New York




Starbuck’s is BIIIIG in New York so in order to find a Leadership Styled on of a kind, boutiquey type of coffee shop, we had to dig a little deeper. 

But we did good and bring to you CULTURE  ESPRESSO. Since it opened in 2009, the independent and locally owned coffee shop has brought outstanding coffee to the heart of the New York. Only 2 blocks from Bryant Park and just off Broadway it is the perfect refuge to snap up a quick coffee and snack to sit in or to have on the go!



Sunday is the day to visit BEAUTY & ESSEX in Low East Side.

If you go for a ‘civilised’ lunch it will, without a doubt, by 3pm have turned into a Sunday sesh with a difference. 

The front part of this bar looks like a Pawn Shop. You would never know what was hidden behind it until you go inside and have a look for yourself. Definitely one to visit!



CARMINES of which there are two, one in the Theatre District and one in Upper West Side. Before we tell you anything about this restaurant, make sure you share everything you order!!! The portion are massive! A beautifully traditional italian restaurant with an electric atmosphere is a must see if in New York. 



Drinks drinks drinks have to be had at one of New York’s rooftop bars. 230 FIFTH is New York’s largest outdoor rooftop bar with a fully enclosed Penthouse Lounge. They host many big events and screenings of such as the Super Bowl and  the Oscars. Whether it be day or night the views over the city are phenomenal. And don’t let the winter cold put you off venturing here as they offer you 


Shop ’til you drop

Everyone thinks Times Square is the place to shop and, don’t get me wrong, it is, but you must branch further afield off Broadway and 5th Ave to find the one off boutiques and more exclusive ‘Not on the high street’ stores.

Lower East Side has great shopping as does the Meatpacking district. 


Getting around

It’s incredibly tricky to follow on from last month’s ‘Getting around’ on London’s super duper underground, however New York is not as big as you think. A lot of it is walkable and when you feel a little weary there is the Metro (however, it unfortunately tends to be slightly unreliable so bear that in mind when planning times etc). 

The Big Apple

Culture espresso



Beauty & Essex
Rooftop bar
Times square

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