25 hours in...Belfast

25 hours in...Belfast

A flight from Glasgow to Belfast probably takes all of 30 minutes from take off to landing so it is a wonder why we don't venture over the pond more often. 

Team LS bit the bullet and made a whirlwind decision to go and what a 25 hours it was...


In true Irish style, a must visit for breakfast is Maggie Mays. Situated centrally and with a menu that has almost anything you can think of it is a clear winner. 


For 25 hours in Belfast, we would highly recommend making yourself a delectable picnic and jump aboard the Open top tour bus around the city. That way you can kill two birds with one stone and see all the sights whilst treating yourself to some nibbles.


Head straight to the Catherdral Quarter which not only provides some incredible sights en route but St Anne's square has an array of upmarket restaurants. Choose from Zen, Coppi, 4th Wall or Salt. Food is delicious, atmosphere is great and if the sun is shining you have 3/3.


The Merchant Hotel has several bars within it for you to choose from. We picked Bert's Jazz bar and had a very exciting evening. From the live jazz playing all night to the beautifully made cocktails, there was even a delighful party of peopls dressed in their 1920's get up dancing the night away.


You have all the usual chain hotels right in the city centre, located within walking distance to everything OR you can "live there" in your very own space with Airbnb. There are endless choices of amazing apartments close to everything you need and you have the freedom to come and go as you please.


What not to do in Belfast. There is the most obvious attraction - Titanic Museum - which you can easily spend hours in and it is such an incredible place. The Open top bus is also a must and as there are 21 stops you see all of Belfast in a couple of hours. Last but not least - The Crown bar for a well deserved it down and cold beverage at the end of your day. We will say no more.


If you are Glasgow based or anywhere for that matter, we strongly suggest you get yourselves over to Belfast asap. It is a quick, easy trip to an incredible city.

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