The Truthbomb App

The Truthbomb App

Danielle La Porte has just excelled herself once again with the absolutely delightful Truthbomb App. 


It will send you a daily dose of truth (you can even choose the delivery time - wake up call?), and if the chosen one is not what you are feeling that morning, simply shake your phone until you get one that makes you go, Yes!

There are 300+ of Danielle’s choicest Truthbomb’s on there and it has been made easier than ever to share the Truthbomb’s to your friends via text, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter. Inspiration at the click of a button.

As an extra bonus you will receive a collection of Danielle audios for you to put your headphones in and amp it up!


It really would be rude not to…


…so to get your very own Truthbomb App or to see the rest of Danielle’s shop - click here!

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Keep in touch monthly (or even more frequently with us*).

* We promise not to virtually stalk you, it will be (at max) weekly round ups and elements that it would be rude not to tell you about...

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