The WellBe

The WellBe

Ever found yourself being told that you are stressed and your initial reaction is to say, ‘Don’t be so silly.’


What if we told you that there is soon to be the very first Mindfulness Bracelet for Emotional Balance.


An Indiegogo project with only 9 days left of funding, is going to create The WellBe. AN elegant, light-weight bracelet teamed with a smartphone app that will find out what triggers your stress and then introduce you to well-being exercises to immediately and effectively release the stress.


The bracelet comes in three different models: black, dark brown and natural and you can choose to have it with or without the flow symbol.


The Co-Founders of WellBe are Zach Sivan and Doron Libshtein, both are seasoned executives in the hi-tech industry as well as published authors in the well being space. Together with their team they demonstrate dozens of years of experience in mobile technology, mobile health solutions and digital well being solutions and our aggregated expertise has come together now to create the WellBe.


With such background and knowledge in this particular field, it is clear that they are incredibly passionate about this new venture that they are about to embark upon.


There are many great rewards to receive by backing this project so if you would like to know more about it click here:

The WellBe on Indiegogo.

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