Our most recent Wow factor that we have stumbled upon is ‘Impossible’.

Impossible is a social business that has created a global community who can all help each other out. People can share their time, skills and objects and in exchange receive something back from the rest of the community.

It gives you a place to record your acts of kindness (linked up to your social networking sites) and they reckon it’s easier to get a job, a partner or a friend if people know how kind you are.

Be a nice human (springs to mind).

Impossible users can then earn ‘Thanks’ when they give to another member and ‘Thanks’ are a social currency that can be used with some of the other impossible partners. Building your Thanks will allow the rest of Impossible to see how many acts of kindness you have done for others and in turn will generate more offers of help when you require them.

Currently spanning over 73 countries, it is rapidly expanding and now we bring it to you! 


Read more about Impossible and sign up here: Impossible!

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