Fitbit vs Jawbone

Fitbit vs Jawbone


There are many fitness tracking devices out there but we have narrowed it down to two (as they are the two that we have - Kirsty has the Fitbit and Rachel has the Jawbone Up band).


Believe it or not, nowadays we can now lose weight with the help of a smartphone app and a fitness-tracking wristband. 


It is quite a remarkable new necessity, as it is a fast and simple way of tracking your workout or walk with the dog or general daily routine. 


From tracking your daily steps and calories to telling you how long you’ve been active for and how far you have travelled that day. 



The Jawbone


The Jawbone comes as a wristband, with or without bluetooth and all your information can therefore be accessed by plugging your band into the phone or wirelessly. It is small and unobtrusive which is ideal when you are working out. More often than not, people tend to ask what is whilst working out. 


The Fitbit


The Fitbit One first came out as a fob device which could be clipped on to your clothes, it did,however mean that it took a little spin in the washing machine quite often (as experienced). It has now progressed into a wristband and similar to the Jawbone, you can choose to have it with or without the bluetooth. The Fitbit Force (top of the range) does display all your data right there on your wrist without you having to access your phone.



Both of these fitness-tracking wristbands are ideal for everyday use, in all weather, indoors and outdoors. 


We are both biased to our own wristband but will agree on the fact that by simply wearing it while you workout is keeping your mind on the goal and the progress that you are making. 


Highly recommend either one.


Click on either band to see the products JAWBONE or FITBIT.

Fitbit vs Jawbone


Fitibit 1




Up band 1


Up band 2


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