A co-working space and genius idea where all you pay for is your time there which in turn goes towards furthering the development of this social experiment. At 5p per minute, why wouldn’t you check it out.


Ziferblat originated in Russia with several spaces around the country before spreading its wings to London and the most recent space opening up in New York. 


You can make yourself feel quite at home in the space, you’re free to work, read, draw, play the piano, meet new people, basically do anything as long as you respect it and the other people who use it. Maybe bouncing around on a space-hopper might be pushing our luck…


When Leadership Styled visited the London Ziferblat in Shoreditch, we couldn’t quite believe how cool, quirky and different it was to anywhere we’ve ever been before. 


I mean, you make your own tea and coffee and there is even bread and cereal laid out for you to have breakfast with. 


Ziferblat host events, exhibitions, any excuse for a little get together/network gathering and it genuinely does make for a really nice co-working space. It would have just be downright rude for us not to tell you about it.


If you would like to know more about Ziferblat then you can visit them here: london.ziferblat.net

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