Citizen M from a mum and dad's view point

Citizen M from a mum and dad's view point

If availability permits I will stay in Citizen M when in London. I recommend it to as many people as I can (only good people though – you can’t be too careful) and so it made sense that when I took my parents to London for part of their Xmas presents I would book us in.  

There is always the slight worry when you recommend a place to someone that they will hate it and, effectively, judge you and think you are a freak (Ok, perhaps a bit harsh, you get the picture).

Especially when it was my parents. They may not like the comforts I do; they may not enjoy the quirky brand executions throughout and may never sleep at all in the comfiest bed known to man.

And so it was an absolute delight to see their faces the day after the night before when they sat down to a coffee and red velvet cake (a must if you are going to visit).

I love watching people have a different (good!) experience and I observed my dad watch people as they sat in the lounge area working away, having meetings and catch-ups.  What I was most delighted about was that they received consistently great customer service throughout their stay – everyone was very attentive and respectful to them (something I look out for a LOT when with my parents).

Dads resounding remark was how he was amazed at how comfortable everyone was:

 “People are walking around here like it is their own place. Not in an arrogant way, in a comfortable way. They (citizen M) have created a sense of belonging that is quite remarkable to observe”

As parents do they ask questions ‘ who are these people working here Kirsty? Where do they hire them?” “ Do you think all these people here are actually staying in the hotel?”  To which I answered “they clearly hire on attitude rather than purely skill, I am not sure of their recruitment policy and I think that guy there is in room 167”.

If I didn’t know before, I definitely know now, through the eyes of my parents, that this (growing) hotel chain's desire to create affordable luxury for the people – and their execution – is on point. 

To book into Citizen M or find out more about them - click here! 

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