Sleepover Club

Sleepover Club

40 females in a hotel suite in pyjamas.

Typical night out in London?

Well it was for us when we became one of the pioneers of Gemma Cairneys “Sleepover” in St Pancras Renaissance hotel.

I stumbled upon this when I came out the other end of a google vortex and sent it onto a friend. Within 5 minutes we had booked and then came the panic of “What shall we wear?”.

Thinking about wearing pyjamas for a night out is way harder than “smart casual”. It was truly terrifying – do you do lounge wear? Do you go full on satin/silk??

Anyway, not really the thing that we want to talk about here.

The night was billed as a “ladies-only cultural party offering a night of ideas, comedy, masterclasses, music, food, booze and maybe even a little sleeping”.  

All in the beautiful royal suite of the St Pancras hotel.

I have to say it was an inspired idea and a really well executed night.

It felt strangely comfortable to walk into the suite and get dressed into my PJs immediately. Maybe the fact that we were met by pj-clad bouncers on the door (when I say bouncers I mean organisers) caused us to feel that it was a natural progression. It felt ego – less. An opportunity to take a break from the ego and it – perhaps – stopped the ‘checking out’ of outfits and gravity defying shoes.

There was entertainment ranging from Ginger Johnson performing and Katie Puckrik scentertainment and the crazy Luisa Omielan got us playing Truth or Dare with the leftover Prosecco.

A truly genius execution and so many hilarious stories attached.

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