A space styled project...

A space styled project...

My name is Elizabeth and I am a massage therapist in our flourishing City of Glasgow.  

My story with getting Space Styled started when, after moving premises I was struggling to come up with ideas on how to make a large space work for me in my therapy.  Previously I had been working as a therapist in spaces that were compact, and all of a sudden I had the joy of practicing in the splendour of The Connal Building, with 17 foot hight ceilings and a space I could do 2 cartwheels in.  

My Colleague Trevor advised me to take my time and that the space would evolve, but no matter how many Pinterest pages I looked at I just couldn’t ‘put it together’, whenever anyone asked me what I wanted in the room, I did what most people do and came with everythind that I didn’t want!  You can see from the before pictures that I had very small pictures on the wall, and a big black office chair that dominated the space before.  

Enter Kirsty and Rachel stage right.

When I asked for their help, I thought that they were just going to source out cool stuff for me, and give me some ideas about soft furnishings.. eh no. I was blown away! They totally came into my business, observed it from different angles, took pictures of me in my room, and gave me the feedback of what my clients saw when they first came in, and to step out my role, into the role of observer and see what it looked and felt like…

Summing up, they gave ideas not just about decor, but sourced out great artwork ( see the skeleton man), a fairy door because, well just because.  It gets a lot of comments!  Got rid of the big office chair, and even went as far as to discuss lighting concepts!  

Having a great looking therapy room make my work even better, as I love coming into my space at work.  I get a few comments on how amazing the room is, but although not everyone makes a comment, that doesn’t mean to say they don’t notice.  It’s not just how the rooms looks but also how it feels too.  It feels like a safe space to be in, even for me.

Having an organised work space that is functional as well as visually pleasing was important to me, but team Leadership Styled really went that extra step and opened up another avenue for me to explore in terms of my brand and representation.  My colleague Trevor said that he wanted to see more of ‘me’ in the room, so I take full responsibility for the Pink Floyd poster and Jimmy Page model in the room, however!  

This is how Kirsty and Rachel got my space working for me, if you feel you need that extra dose of inspiration, I would thoroughly recommend putting yourself in their hands.

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