Bakery 47

Bakery 47

Bakery 47 is truly a hidden gem.

We only very recently heard about it through a friend and almost sprinted to get there. It didn't disappoint. 

Even though you can only sit in on Wednesday's and Sunday's and take-away Thursday, Friday, Saturday we were not put off, made our purchase of pizza, pie and cake and coffee. 

Pistachio Rose cake.

Hazelnut brownie.

Goats cheese, roasted fig and red onion pizza.

Baked egg and roasted tomato pie.

The descriptions speak for themselves as does the basic yet very very effective furniture. 

Highly recommend and we can't wait for another excuse to go to the South Side of Glasgow. 

You can find Sam and Anna baking at 76 Victoria Road, Glasgow and click here to see more of their delicious goodies!

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