A visit to the Social Bite

A visit to the Social Bite

The Leadership Styled Team had their very first visit to Glasgow’s second Social Bite cafe the other day and what an experience it was. 

A truly incredible idea and concept that has now been made a reality for founders Alice and Josh, who sold their events business after having a life-changing trip around Bangladesh in order to set up a social business.

Social Bite was born and they now have 2 shops in Glasgow, 2 in Edinburgh and hopes to expand to Aberdeen and Dundee. 

It works on a ‘Pay it forward’ or ‘Suspended’ basis where you pay for your own meal but also one for someone else who can come in and receive it at another time. Acts of kindness keep the business going and it provides to around 30 homeless per shop per day. 


  • The food is freshly prepared daily by a Michelin Star Chef (we can assure you it’s delicious).
  • 100% (every single penny) of profits donated go to a good cause.
  • 1 in 4 of the team are made up from formerly homeless people.


If you would like to read more about Social Bite or visit any of their cafes click here!

(they are even running a competition right now and the lucky winner gets to dine with George Clooney)

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