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Get Fully Furnished


Get Fully Furnished is an online shop for Modern Design Furniture, Lighting and Interior Design Homeware. We first met Ronnie and Chris in the 'penthouse' of The Whisky Bond when we became neighbours. We absolutely love their vast and delightful range of furniture  and feel it would be really very rude of us not to share it with you...


LS: Tell us about GFF?

GFF: Get Fully Furnished is an online furniture shop selling contemporary furniture and homewards as well as inspirational help through blogs, videos and get the look mood boards for the people out there that need a little interior help.


LS: How long has GFF been up and running?

GFF: We have been up and running for two and a half years now. The website has been live for 11 months with a year and a half dedicated to planning, sourcing good manufacturers and having the website created by a wonderful design company based in Glasgow.


LS: What was your inspiration to create GFF?

GFF: We have another side to our business which has been running for 8 years now, we do contract work for big companies with the likes of show homes for new housing developments as well as furniture packs for first time buyers and bespoke design jobs for individual clients so we have always been in the interior game. We decided we would like to source products and sell to the general public as well as using our knowledge in the field to help people who don’t know where to begin when it comes to designing space.


LS: What is your main purpose? 

GFF: Our purpose here at GFF is to build a brand and become a recognisable online furniture retailer, bringing the latest designs and trends in the interiors sector. We also aim to help people who are not in the know about design and furniture through our Design Journal and social media.


LS: Are there specific features which you include in the design and running of the business?

GFF: When we sat down to plan the business the one thing we wanted to ensure was an easy experience for our customers, from the moment of clicking on to our site to navigating your way through our vast product list, we wanted this to be plain sailing. Customer Service is also very important to us and we do everything we can to make sure our customer are informed and up to date with their orders and deliveries.


LS: Do they make an overall impact on the running of GFF?

GFF: We feel they do. A clean and easy to use website makes online shopping easy for everyone. We believe it is not all tech types that shop online so making things as straight forward as possible will help bring in sales to GFF.


LS: Have you encountered any difficulties throughout the process?

GFF: From time to time! I think coming across problems is a great way to learn and to make the business better. Really only minor things for example finding suppliers and products who we find suitable for the website or how to be most competitive when it comes to our product pricing and why a customer should buy from us. Everyday is a learning day!


LS: What added extras contribute to the smooth running of Get Fully Furnished?

GFF: We don’t want to come across as a company that is constantly trying to sell, which is why we came up with our design journal. This gives us the opportunity to provide blogs and advice to our customers in the way of hints and tips on decorating, how to put a certain look together as well as seasonal inspirations. On the other hand, as a web-based business, it’s really important that we have a network of trusted partners i.e. delivery companies that ensure our products get from A to B in a timely fashion and arrive in one piece. 


LS: Is there a specific theme you have gone for?

GFF: Our website definitely has a contemporary feel which is what we set out to achieve. Going for a  clean look with great images, easy navigation and first class service. Our products also reflect this, however we don’t want to turn customers away so therefore try to offer a range of more traditional products too.


LS: How do you run Get Fully Furnished?

GFF: We are constantly linked to the website, be it via our phones or laptops so we are always up to date with new and current orders, making sure deliveries have been made on time and customers are happy. We also have our creative hub in Glasgow at The Whisky Bond where we brain storm all our ideas and get inventive with our studio to create inspiring photography for the website.


LS: And finally, is Get Fully Furnished everything you hoped it would be?

GFF: We get to stages of where we want it to be, however, because we are a young company we always plan ahead and look to where/what we can be in the next 3//6/12 months. it is important to plan ahead and visualise what people will be looking for and being ahead of the competition. 


We are so excited to see this company continue to grow and to become a well recognised online furniture retailer. 


Click here to visit Get Fully Furnished!


Have a look at The Get Fully Furnished Design Journal for tips and ideas on how to style your dream home here!!!




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