The Body Toolkit

The Body Toolkit


LS: Tell us about The Body Toolkit?

TBT: The Body Toolkit is the first wellbeing retreat of its kind in Scotland.  The signature detox programmes are based in the Scottish Highlands, and evolve around simple techniques that achieve significant results.  Guests experience a nourishing juice cleanse, enjoyable exercise in nature and coaching on ways  to combat stress and negative beliefs that may be standing in the way of achieving long-term change.

LS: How long has it been up and running?

TBT: The retreat launched at the end of last year and we ran the first signature retreat in October.  Since the launch the retreat’s earned some really incredible testimonials, which is wonderful and I feel confident that we’ve got a recipe for something that works and is genuinely helping people to feel better. 

LS: What is the purpose?

TBT: Spa breaks, diets and bootcamps are so popular nowadays and highlight a sort of universal desire for body-image change, but rarely do these things make lasting changes to how we feel.  The Body Toolkit method addresses that issue and makes sure that people return home empowered, with the knowledge and tools to maintain the momentum of the results they’ve achieved at the retreat, whether that’s health goals or weight loss.  

LS: What inspired you to choose this location for ‘The Body Toolkit’?

TBT: My love for the west coast Scottish Highlands hit me around the age of seven, and Lochaber’s been my spiritual home ever since.  Garmoran Square sits on the north shore of Loch Shiel, in the 'Outdoor Capital of the UK', and is immersed in nature, fresh air, wildlife, history and scenery – with mountains, forests and sea all nearby.  I’d always had The Body Toolkit concept in my mind, but it was only when I came across Garmoran Square that I knew I could definitely marry my passion for health with my love of the highlands. 

LS: In terms of the accommodation and space, what makes it so special?

TBT: When you see Garmoran Square for the first time, it really is a case of love at first sight.  The purpose built, 5-star accommodation consists of four beautiful cottages which form a courtyard, with the character and charm of an old highland steading.  Inside the floor to ceiling windows and design capture the stunning views across the loch to Ben Resipole (and the deer grazing nearby!).   

LS: What makes the space lend itself so well to be used as a retreat?

TBT: The space is so peaceful; it just lets you switch off without any effort.  I find that on the first couple of days of a retreat I can feel quite tired and a bit cold, and this is where Garmoran Square comes into its own with its solid oak floors, under floor heating and log fires which make it comfortably luxurious and such an enjoyable place to switch off and relax.

LS: Do you think the space is beneficial to those in it?

TBT: Absolutely – there are three large living rooms, each guest has their own private en-suite bedroom and we take a maximum of ten guests per retreat, which means that a good balance is kept between personal space and group interaction.  

LS: How often do you run the retreats and how long are they?

TBT: We host a retreat at Garmoran Square at least once a month, sometimes twice depending on the time of year.  Each one lasts seven days (six nights) which is the time really needed to allow the body to rest and recuperate, and to establish new habits.  

LS: And finally, is The Body Toolkit exactly as you hoped it would be?

TBT: When I first set out to create the Body Toolkit and to choose the right location, my purpose was to share the techniques that I’d used over the years to transform my own health, to help others make serious improvements to theirs, and ultimately to their quality of life.  That’s always been my mission, and yet the testimonials have continued to blow me away.  The retreats appear to be helping people in such a profound way that The Body Toolkit is even more than I hoped it could be.


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