Formlab is a boutique creative agency based in the heart of De Pijp, a lively area that reflects the vibrant nature of our creative hub. Their fuel is the spark between people, resulting in new ideas. That’s why they surround themselves with an eclectic mix of tastemakers and craftsmen, inspiring and inciting each other to take things to a higher level. They are passionate about creating and embedding brands, products, experiences and services with authenticity and resonance and they guide brands, extract their DNA and translate it into a strategy. With a crystal clear story it’s easier to think of innovative and immersive ways to tell it. Formlab’s creative people have developed strong skills to create inspired and powerful ideas.

Marlon Roosblad, Strategic Director of Formlab speaks to us about one of their exciting projects on the go at the moment...


LS: Tell us about Spaces?

MR: Spaces offers more than a place to work. We offer all sorts of products & services that help you do your business. We aim to contribute to a more enjoyable work life and we love to service the success of our fellow workers. At Spaces we offer offices for companies of all sizes. Leasing office space at Spaces gives you a variety of opportunities; you are part of a group of interesting entrepreneurs. You rent the sqm that fits your company best and we offer flexible lease terms.


LS: How long have you been working on it?

MR: Formlab formulated the Spaces brand DNA. We have been involved from inception of the concept and we continue to do so. Creating the brand identity, signing and content strategy.


LS: What is the purpose?

MR: Formlab formulated the Spaces brand DNA, resulting in the Spaces declaration. It makes clear what Spaces stands for, and what the brand has to offer.


LS: What was your inspiration to create ‘Spaces’?

MR: We created the declaration for Spaces to establish Spaces as a brand and the ultimate experience.



LS: Are there specific features which you included in the design?

MR: Formlab developed the strong brand identity that carries all important values of Spaces. The graphic hexagon logo is used to illustrate the possibility of customizing services to the customers needs, building their business, and networking.

To give Spaces a voice Formlab formulated clever quotes that have a characteristic tone of voice and recognizable typography.

Stationery acts as an ambassador for the business. It represents Spaces to both existing and potential clients. We took the brand identity and continued the look and feel throughout business cards, letterheads, envelopes, pencils, and packaging.

The website Formlab created is a vibrant online platform, buzzing with energy, where all Spaces Members can go to get inspired, informed & connected.

Spaces showcases their in-house members and community with a seamless LinkedIn integration, this allows users to consume insights and content from their professional network


LS: What added extras contribute to the smooth running of ‘Spaces’?

MR: By pushing content from social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn into the Spaces website we allow users to interact with Spaces on many levels. The realtime interactive help-desk, run by the Spaces Community Manager, is open 24/7 to assist & support users on using the community to the fullest.

Work related branded content by Spaces and its members is published in the magazine section of the website. It’s these people who form the world around Spaces. By sharing their inspirations, view on subjects, and successes we make clear what is happening inside Spaces and inspire others to make the best of their working life.


LS: Is there a specific theme you have gone for?

MR: The signage system we designed employs materials in their simplest form. It suits the spirit of its surrounding, communicating information clearly without being intrusive. Formlab embodied the branding in the interior experience using signage, in cooperation with internationally acknowledged interior designer Sevil Peach.


From speaking with Marlon, we get the impression that this has been a particularly exciting project and one that Formlab will be with along the whole journey. 

They are an inspirational and highly creative company that combines work with play. Never a dull day!


To read more about Formlab and Spaces click here!  




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