Creating office space

Creating office space

The ultimate space to work – what does it look like?

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Steve Jobs


We have now been in our new office for 2 whole months and interior design has just been added to our 'list'. I am exaggerating the understatement of excitement that is coursing through our veins when we think about the office and the potential that it has. 

I am incredibly sensitive to space. I struggle to be creative in regimented work cubicles and the meeting rooms I have frequented leave a lot to the imagination. I am a seeker of light and space. I am constantly on the hunt for a place where no one else has found; I have written my best programmes in little chateaus in France, in loud crazy cafes in New York and meeting rooms with blackboards all over the walls.

(this was one of the drivers for setting up Leadership Styled in that I constantly found myself recommending spaces to others).  

So, the venture of a new office is a BIG thing and if it looks anything like our pintrest boards then I think it is going to be a pretty spectacular space.  

How do you create the best working environment? What are the main drivers of creativity and enthusiasm and energy? 


A recent article by Lindsey Kaufman in The Washington Post says that open work spaces are killing productivity – with inconsiderate music and no clear boundaries being set – a permanent open door policy is a crippler for some personality types! For those people who had “easily distracted” on their report cards from school this could be a “died and gone to heaven” concept where the introverts are worried about what others are thinking as they fold in on themselves and reposition their headphones. 


We are pretty lucky in that there are only 2 main peeps with a transitional frenzy of contributors and clients and so we want to create a home from home that enables us to style our minds to discover inspiration for our readers and clients. 

Tune back into April's issue for a background look at how we are continuing to style our space.


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