The Whisky Bond

The Whisky Bond

We are incredibly fortunate to have several places in Glasgow that we call “home”. As people who need variety, we work out of several work places. The Whisky Bond is one such place. We rock up in “The Distillery” and we can plug in and just get cracking on the work of LS.

Within the first week we met some super brilliant people and made connections for some people in business. We like that a lot!

There is a louder cry for collaborative working spaces – whether that be redesigning the corporate office or creating a place where entrepreneurs, work nomads and creative people can have their own space whilst creating connections with others.
Standing tall north of the Forth and Clyde canal is The Whisky Bond; a seven-storey creative factory housing a diverse range of studios, communal working environments, workspaces and a public gallery. Originally built for Highland distilleries in 1957, The Whisky Bond is located in the newly emerging creative and cultural neighborhood in Speirs Locks, home to; Scottish Opera; National Theatre of Scotland; Glasgow Academy of Music Theatre & Arts; The Royal Conservatoire and The Glue Factory.

The Whisky Bond is designed to suit the needs of creative projects and the people who generate them. It’s more than a physical space. With a regular programme of events, talks, performances and parties an exciting community thrives, where collaboration is encouraged and new contacts are made.

The lower three floors of the building are home to Glasgow Sculpture Studios (GSS) – a unique centre for research, production and presentation of contemporary sculptural practice. GSS support a vibrant community of established artists and emerging talent, as well as offering first-class workshop facilities to artists, tenants and the general public. A large ground floor gallery hosts their visual arts programme and presents work from established and emerging artists.

Communal spaces in the building, including the ground floor café, are laid out to encourage social bustle and flow.

On the 3rd floor you’ll find The Distillery – an open plan, coworking space designed to suit the evolving working styles of freelancers, start-ups and those who require a flexible working space. In The Distillery, everything’s at hand – members can turn up, switch on and start work. It’s somewhere they come to focus on work but also to be around their neighbours – designers, photographers, architects, journalists, producers etc. who will be found at the next desk, through the wall or having coffee on the sofa beside them.

Adding to this, they have just put the final touches to a range of new offices and workspaces on the top 3 floors. These will build on the industrial nature of the building and provide blank canvases aimed at creative businesses whom wish to move away from offices with no identity, to a more exciting space where they can also become part of The Whisky Bond community.

What we also love is that The Whisky Bond takes a leading role in the regeneration of Speirs Locks in Glasgow.

So, not only is it a great working space but it does good too! If you want to scratch the itch of working in a space like a New York Williamsburg apartment, come along in!


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Communal spaces in the building, including the ground floor cafe, are laid out to encourage social bustle and flow.

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