Fear and Stress

Fear and Stress

2015 feels like it is going to be a big year. There is a palpable shift that is happening.  And when big exciting things come along.. well, fear steps in. 

You know, the Gollum type character that lives in your head and says, “Come here my precious, you know you cannot do it all, you know you will get found out”? 

Blah de fuckin blah. 


I have been having many conversations recently with people about how excited they are for this year. People are really tapping into some energy of momentum and creativity and sensing that this is going to be “a big year” 

And within the same breath they are talking about fear and anxiety and doubt questions. 

That feeling of overwhelm can sometimes be misconstrued as fear. 

And Actually no, its euphoria. 


There are 2 types of stress – eustress and distress (and distress can be broken down further into hypo and hyper stress). 

Eustress is the good stress that motivates you to continue working –it can challenge us to be motivated, productive and happy. 

Bad stress is when that good stress becomes too much to bare, too much for us to cope with and we start to reach for the chocolate or straight vodka… 


Good stress keeps us vital; it keeps us excited about life. It’s the feeling I got just before I got into the blocks for my race, what I get in that space before getting on stage and presenting. Eustress gives us the energy to perform at our highest level. I call it euphoric stress – euphoric is such an underused word isn’t it? 


“Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress.

Working hard for something we love is called passion”


It pays to give yourself time out to work out if the stress that is gnarling around in your brain and stomach is that of the good stuff or the horrible bad stuff.  Is it that you are listening to the naysayers – you know the ones that turn into car mechanics and do the sucking of the teeth and tell you your dreams are too big – (those people) – or are you tuning into what is truly right. Right for you, right for your true north, right for where you are right now? 

Then, if it feels right then go with it.  Love it, walk into the space and get out of your own way! 


Now can we function on eustress all the time? No, we still need to have balance and the best thing to do is to- breathe! As Danielle LaPorte says – fear is excitement without the breath – (what a delight)!  So breathe into that bubble and create excitement. 



And, when you feel there is too much to do – do nothing.  Yes – nothing! Stay still enough for long enough as the great Minister of Inspiration – Richard Wilkins –says. Actually, do nothing. And in those moments we then will find clarity. Trust me. 


Let your light shine in your work, in your life and remember anxiety is just a warning from your mind for you to focus on what you want. 


To your success!

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