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Happy Start Up School

Happy Start Up Camp
In the midst of a Google vortex I stumbled upon the Happy Start up school and instantly fell in love with the work that they do -  helping entrepreneurs realise their dreams - and their genius branding. But there is more to them than that.
They have a Happifesto (yes, yes, yes!) and their pledge is that we all should

  • Love what we do
  • Live our values
  • Follow our purpose
  • Value our team
  • Love our customers and
  • Have fun along the way

Hello? Let's take a moment people!
Read those words again. Breathe them in. When I read these – very simple – words through, I feel full. Yes, this is what it is all about.

Their whole ethos is about choosing happiness above profits. Now this is not some hippy dippy thing, companies who have happy employees tend to have happy engaged customers and thus happy bank balances.

Think – Sears profit chain – they demonstrated that creating a compelling place to work created a compelling place to shop and then invest.
If there was a 5 unit increase in employee attitude this led to a 1.3% increase in customer impressions leading to a 0.5% increase in revenue growth.

The team at Happy start up school say,
We believe the future belongs to companies and organisations with a sense of purpose. As well as a great idea you need to have a strong culture, engaged and happy employees and loyal customers.
Get all of these and you can change the world in your own little way.

In the midst of my google vortex I saw that they had a happy start up camp and I sent the link immediately to my dear friend. And so we rocked up in Sussex to mingle with 120 start ups, incredible speakers and a man who started his own (godless) church.

Watch out for future articles for what happened whilst camping. The team at happy start up summed it up with this quote. Looking forward to sharing our insights with you.

“When tribes gather in the same place the opportunities for mutual inspiration become intense.”

~ Ken Robinson

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