'There' by Richard Wilkins

'There' by Richard Wilkins

Richard WIlkins is the Minister of Inspiration and an all round amazing person.

I chose to share this poem with you because its right for those people who keep thinking “one day I will get there”.
The man can be found here… www.theministryofinspiration.com


These are the writings of my own crude hand,
to tell a tale of a promised land.
It’s not of the bible, nor of the Lord,
It’s not round the corner, and it isn’t abroad.
It’s a place you can’t see,
no matter how hard you stare,
I speak to you of the place known as ‘There’.
So what’s the riddle of how I write
of a strange land that’s away and out of sight?
Well listen my friend, pull up a chair,
while I tell you what I know of a place known as ‘There’.
Looking for ‘There’ can have a high cost
as searching for ‘There’ is further lost.
How many times have you heard people say,
‘I don’t know when, but I’ll get ‘There ’one day’.
Stop now and search your heart,
can you honestly say you’ve never taken part?
Be honest with me if you dare,
have you never once thought,
‘Oh I’ll get ‘There’.
So off we all go to solve life’s mess,
just one problem there is no address.
It’s madness itself,
for how hard you strive,
with no destination you can never arrive.
I beg of you now heed what I say,
It’s only my pain shows me the way.
I hear you say ‘I know of such pain
but how can this be, when you are still sane?
I didn’t listen, I hadn’t a care,
the one thing I knew was, I’d get ‘There’.
‘There’ I was with so many toys,
A mansion, fast car, a wife and three boys.
Possessions and people classed in the same verse,
but there’s the truth, Oh God it’s perverse.
If only I’d listened to my wife’s pleading,
then perhaps I’d have noticed my internal bleeding.
My family went, I gave them a share,
you can do that you see, when you’re almost ‘There’.
You’ll never find ‘There’ on the outside,
you won’t do it this way,
though many have tried.
So perhaps now you can understand,
you have what you want in the palm of your hand.
Now you can be ‘There’
just by reading this rhyme,
you see ‘There’ is here, it was, all the time.

Richard Wilkins is the Minister of Inspiration

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