The Brain of Kirsty Mac

The Brain of Kirsty Mac

What we can see from looking at Kirsty's map is that there are three clear points where there is little flex away from her underlying preferred approaches. In particular we can see that Innovating, Supporting and Finishing are 3 behaviours where all three maps are very close to each other.

What that tells us is that as Supporting and Innovating score highly (95 and 88 respectively), Kirsty is both very comfortable demonstrating these behaviours, it is what she does when she is truly being herself, and she uses them a lot.

With Finishing however, the fact that the 3 maps are close together but are all closer to the centre (ie lower in score at 13) tells us that Kirsty finds this behaviour challenging because it is not her preference and that she rarely demonstrates Finishing type behaviours.

There is a similar pattern with Focusing but as the 2 maps are not so close together she could choose to work on developing Focusing behaviours. Initiating is interesting because of the large gap between her underlying and her adapted maps. Her underlying preference for Initiating is high (95) which means at her core, when she can truly be herself, this is a behaviour she favours. Yet, her adapted map is much lower (38) which tells us that she frequently flexes her behaviour away from Initiating.

With regard to Delivering, Kirsty's underlying map shows that this is an area that she could do without too much energy being needed but she is not currently demonstrating Delivery behaviours so there is an opportunity for development here. Overall, what Kirsty's maps tell us is that she has a strong preference for using the more creative parts of her brain and that she enjoys and works well with others (Supporting, Co-ordinating, Innovating and Initiating are the relevant behaviours here). Because Finishing and Evaluating are relatively low on all three maps we can conclude that these are behaviours that would require Kirsty to expend quite a lot of energy in using and as such it might be more effective for her to focus her energy on the 4 behaviours mentioned above and find someone who has Finishing and Evaluating as strengths who can support her here.


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