Mind Styled

Happy Start Up School

In the midst of a Google vortex I stumbled upon the Happy Start up school and instantly fell in love with the work that they do. ...read more

Finding a Mentor

We are incredibly lucky to share some insight here from Pauline Bell from Mentoring Mix who brings a wealth of knowledge in mentorship. ...read more

Psychometric Profiling

This month we talk about PRISM Brain Mapping with Susan Grandfield. ...read more

The Brain of Kirsty Mac

Let's take a look inside the brain of Kirsty Mac herself... are your ready for some Psychometric insight? ...read more


We caught up with Claire Holgate – doodler, illustrator and cheerful generator of ideas - to give her insight into what our doodling can do for us and the art of journaling. ...read more

'There' by Richard Wilkins

Richard WIlkins is the Minister of Inspiration and an all round amazing person. ...read more

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