What effect does Cortisol have on the brain?

What effect does Cortisol have on the brain?

Have you ever felt stressed?

Most of us have at one stage in our lives and equally most of us have managed to relax again quite quickly. 

There are many more of us out there that have experienced a much more extreme level of stress and that is when the corticosteroid hormone affects us the most. 

In a lesser stressed situation the cortisol will come and then leave the brain without doing any damage, whereas in highly stressful situations, large parts of the cortisol stay in the brain and that is when damage can be done (i.e. memory loss or confusion).

An essential part of our brain, the hippocampus, which is responsible for converting short-term memories into long-term memories, can be badly effected if there is too much cortisol in your brain.

Too much stress on your brain can affect your memory and confuse memory creation. 

Always remember, it is incredibly important to keep yourself relaxed and to not allow the stress to consume you. 


Meditate and relax...

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