Cyber Exhaustion

Cyber Exhaustion

I am known to get lost into a Google vortex.

You know the thing where you are doing some research for work, it leads to another site and then you become conscious that you are watching Japanese precision marching on YouTube (seriously – watch it).

Technology is addictive.

I have noticed I am using my phone a LOT more – to an unhealthy degree. We have had many discussions in the office about our phone addiction. I mentioned to BF the other day that I was going to be technology free for 1 day a weekend.

He is still in shock.

A recent article in the Telegraph states that we are cancelling out our annual leave with the amount of emails we are doing in the evenings on our iPhones and pads.

Based on a survey of 1500 carried out by the Chartered Management Institute saying that the majority were spending an additional 29 days online working thus cancelling their statutory holiday period.

There are now retreats for Digital Detox and cyber exhaustion is now a regular term used in media.

“Digital detox refers to a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic connecting devices such as smartphones and computers. It is regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world”.


One Digital Detox retreat promises the opportunity to unplug and plug back into life… effectively a summer camp for adults – Digital Detox - takes you to Camp Grounded.

Martin Talks – author of A-Z Digital Detoxing says:

47% is the average time of a working day that someone's mind wanders. 'Presenteeism' has been estimated as 6x more costly to business than absenteeism.

Studies are now stating that technology is more addictive than smoking and drinking. Surely not – well yea we have access to it 24/7 where its harder to sit and drink and smoke 24/7 – dependent on what kind of job you are doing.

Larry Rosen, a psychologist who holds authority in technology overuse talks about the multiple problems in our engagement with technology. 

The encouragement of rapid, continuous task switching means we are only processing information at a shallow level and so we are not able to have complex thoughts.

Smartphones are also causing anxiety with people and causing them to check them every 15 minutes or even more. 

This processing of information really resonated with me. I do feel that my attention is diminishing and the information I am holding in my brain does not have much depth and value.

I want to change that and get to my own camp grounded.

In the office we are going to take time out on Fridays and have some more non-technological based activities. Mindfulness art this week.

So, I am going on a social media diet. I am going to work up to the 5:2 and start with half-day abstinence – small steps!!! 

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