Picture Meditation

Picture Meditation

It’s not just for kids.

I unwrapped 3 colouring books for Christmas. You could say I am too old for colouring books however I reckon I was not the only ‘grown up’ (by age alone) opening these gifts from Santa or friends.

Colouring books have their own category in bookshops now with half of Amazons Xmas best sellers being from this category.

Johanna Basfords' (the Ink Evangelist) famous Secret Garden colouring book sold 1.5 million copies in the UK alone with China sales of 3 million.

New adult colouring groups are cropping up as meet ups all the time – Cleverpedia - gives you access to colouring clubs in the US. Apparently it’s more fun to colour together!

So- what’s it all about? Why have we all gone crazy mad for our childhood playtime?

The main benefits cited are that of stress relief – the very act of colouring in- and with precision- is creating a level of mindfulness. There is a crossover with mindfulness and also with mantras: activities in which the brain is engaged just enough to stop it whirring, but not so much that the concentration is draining.

It has been said that for around 80% of our daily lives we are creatures of habit. This means that most of the time we go straight from thought to action, without assessing the quality and rightness of our thoughts

This act of colouring can create a break from that, decrease stress and give a feeling of accomplishment, which, sadly, can be so rare these days.

Look at any mental health websites such as Mind and you are introduced to art therapy as a therapeutic option.

I, for one, love it and have another excuse to buy more pens and pencils in my stationery haul trips.

Here I come Paperchase!

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