New Year Be You

New Year Be You

2016 huh?

It feels incredibly futuristic – its beyond the future where Marty McFly went to so its way out there!

Social media feeds at this time of year ring out with “so long last year” and “ Glad to see the back of you” or indeed “2016 lets hammer this!” There was a hardness attached to the posts, even the ones that were bringing on the year seemed forced and harsh.

Gyms are busy, talk in the office is about the latest detox and how to pound out the xmas pounds. Its busy, its energetic and – sometimes – chaotic.

If we went with the season  - winter – we would recognise that its about slow movement, its for warm soups and general hibernation.

Spring is a more powerful season to set the resolutions, bring in the goals and set the achievements for the year.

So we think keep the old you as the new you. Chill out, go for slow long walks and take time out.

At this time of year I am keeping it chilled, relaxed and focusing on what I am grateful for, what my core desired feelings are and what little joys there has already been.

Spring – watch out! I’m coming… 

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