Changing customer experience

Changing customer experience

I noticed someone post on linked in that they had to use a debit card today in a shop as they didn’t take Apple pay – the outrage (this is written 1.5 weeks after Apple pay is launched!).  

Last week YouTube celebrated its tenth birthday (is anyone else aware of a time when this didn’t exist?) 

The customer experience has changed. 

We expect more. 

As Pine & Gilmore  (Bk: The Experience Economy) say, customer service is a commodity now – its what we have all grown to expect. 

Those retailers that are creating a difference, that are setting themselves apart, are those that create experiences. 

Working with so many different sectors – finance, retail, technology, and creative – I am seeing the digital age expand into many areas.  It fascinates me. 


We ourselves are developing some augmented reality work in a new app with our stationery product. Too exciting! 


Are you keeping up? Or are you driving forward?

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