The last first

The last first

First Kiss, first job, first meeting, first car, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first... 

Imagine what life would be like if we lived as if we saw things for the first time! Imagine walking into a room and being amazed as you turn on the light and – hail! – light!! Running water in the bathroom!  A meeting – with people who talk about stuff – incredible! 

I watched a child walk around a café over the weekend and everything seemed amazing, I wanted to crawl inside his tiny head and feel the feelings of wonder and new horizons. 

Our life is full of firsts and they weave excitement and fear in equal measure – perhaps as adults we conform to routine more and have a heightened awareness of anxiety or we do not want to make a mistake. If only we looked at it with fresh eyes and saw that this could be a new opportunity, a new horizon, a fulfilled dream. 

In work we tend to walk in with a listening for the day – we already know the routines and rackets that exist in our world and we respond to them, we react to our external environment in a rote way.  We operate in our comfort zones. 


History was made by people who do things for the first time. 


What would happen if you approached work today in a “first manner”. Perhaps even think of it as your first day into the job – how would you be speaking to people? Would you smile more? How attentive would you be in the meeting? Would you pick up the phone rather than send an email? 

Thinking with a “first mindset” gives you growth, its more exciting, it create memories. 

Remember your first kiss? 


I am off to schedule some firsts… 


Have a look at Matt Cutts 4 minute ted talk on trying something new for 30 days - click here! 


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