The revelation of leadership

The revelation of leadership


I love new, I love researching, and I love starting things. 

I am constantly on the lookout for new brilliant minds, technologies, insights and people. 

I find I am on some kind of mission to do just that in the field of leadership. To find the newest (never thought of before) and brightest spark – the magic pill. 


We were recently asked to go in for a pitch and present something innovative – and with all that we do, you could not really say it was innovative – you could all read the book, do the course, get the collateral. It’s a mixture of great psychologies and pragmatic practitioner approaches. 

Innovative? Not so much. 

What is innovative, and I always forget as its what we do, is in the delivery.

The human participation, the dialogue, the questioning to the group. 

It’s the human-to-human connection. 

I feel we are missing this. In a world full of business-to-business and business to consumer processes we seem to have forgotten human-to-human connection. 

In talking about his great book, H2H, Bryan Kramer says: 


“Businesses do not have emotion. People do.

People want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

People want to feel something.

People want to be included.

People want to understand”. 

Bryan Kramer 


Whilst this book may revolutionise and simplify communication in this social media obsessed world, this holds true for leadership.  In a world that is always on, where we work in a global, often complex and volatile world, we need business models to shift. 

We need – and I would say we are seeing – more focus on leadership capability, on enhancing senior management teams, on succession planning. 

We require a simplification in communication – of people talking consequence, accountability and having conversations that really matter. 


So, the magic pill really sits in front of us. Its about dialogue, its about the bold leadership that comes through kindness and listening. It’s about being human. 

A true revelation….

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