How to know what everyone is talking about in business?

How to know what everyone is talking about in business?


Ok - we have not been hiding behind all the photocopiers in business or leaving webcams in all the meeting rooms in the land (but – really – can you imagine??).


What we have been doing is listening to what our clients are asking for.   We are in a really privileged position in that the meetings we are called to express the needs of teams, execs and organisations.  We hear about business pains, challenges, people dynamics and commercial insights. 


Here is a flavour of last week’s questions: 


How do we incorporate mindfulness into our days? 

How can we get our executives to deliver to the board- impactful presentations?

What is everyone else doing with generation Z?

What can we do to measure stress? 

We have all the focus of the company on us right now, how do we ensure we are a high performing team?

What would be a totally different experience for our leadership development?

How can we motivate this team? … … 


And other such questions… 


There are some solid themes that come through:


  • The generational debate. 

With 4 generations in our businesses now we need to be thinking about  different motivational strategies.  As we said in last months article on talent retention, we are redefining what is relevant in working conditions, retention, training and team dynamics. What may hold for baby boomers may not hold for our milennials. 


  • Changing landscapes 

We talk about creating experiences here in Leadership Styled. And experiences are what customers are searching for. 

Service is now a commodity – we all expect service now right? 


The experience is what sets businesses apart. 


Customer’s expectations are different, we want instant gratification. 

Equally, technology is revolutionising the way we do business. One of our clients is the Digital team of a very large bank and the difference they have created in the customer experience is outstanding and award winning. 

Strategic planning in this space can only happen loosely – we see daily changes in the digital space and cannot really predict what will be in this space a year from now, 6 months even? 

Its exciting… but then how do you manage it? 

We are now using augmented reality as part of the experience for our clients and I am constantly researching new integrated creative options for our experiences. 




Enter mindfulness into a search engine and you are inundated with results.  The Headspace app is now a £25million business and that was before it officially release in America. 

What started as a social business start-up in the UK– the founders wanting to create a healthier and happier world – has now created 2 millionaires and an army of followers in 150 countries? 

Mindfulness is a successful industry. Growing amounts of research indicate that as a cognitive therapy, it works. NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) backs it as a treatment for those with recurring depression; indeed, it has been proven to reduce the recurrence rate by 40-50 per cent over 12 months. 

I have heard of doctors now prescribing mindfulness-based treatments to people with PTSD, depression and anxiety.

And now HR departments are being asked to introduce mindfulness into work. 

By paying attention to what’s going on around us, instead of operating on autopilot, we can reduce stress, unlock creativity, and boost performance.


This also links into Wellness and stress

Raise the Bar and I work with Simon Shepard from Optima Life with great technology that measures our heartbeat and our reactions to our external conditions. I first sampled this back in 2010 and was blown away by the results – looking at the impact of presentations, phone calls and running to meetings on my body was sobering. 

A stark realisation was in my love of Murder! 

I love murder shows and books and one evening I had watched an episode of Spooks before going to bed. 

I had the same amount of time in bed as the previous evening but a 67% decrease in the restorative sleep – Spooks sent my heart rate into overdrive! 

We shall be reviewing this amazing technology in a future issue so watch this space. 


Some further trends shall be discussed in the forthcoming weeks so stay tuned! 

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