Mind Styled

Mind Styled

It is with the study of the mind where Leadership Styled started.

The crux of what we do is in the field of coaching, consulting and designing ridiculously brilliant experiences to create business transformation. 

Our necktop computer is such a powerful tool that creates our behaviours, tendencies and outputs. Our eyes are useless when the mind is blind. 
Creating an awareness of the mind, its workings and its capacities is what we shall delve into in ‘Mind Styled’. 

Honestly, this is the hardest one to summarise, as it’s so vast! I struggle to say what we shall cover, as there is so many directions it could take – and, lets face it, will probably take. 

What I am certain of is that we shall deliver insight into our mind, into the field of coaching and neuroscience, into the leadership landscape and psychometric profiling. Every month we shall profile a profiling tool. We get asked about different tools all the time and so we have reached out to different practitioners to give you an insight into the tools that are available. We shall bring you articles on de-cluttering the mind, conversations that really matter and how you can show up as a leader and be the best version of yourself.  

“Once your awareness becomes a flame, it burns up the whole slavery that the mind has created.”


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