LS event at The Whisky Bond

LS event at The Whisky Bond


Our most recent event held at the Whisky Bond brought together some corporate athletes to talk about leadership and the mind. 

We had a real mixture of hospitality directors, event managers, banks, consultants, massage therapists, business owners and the list goes on. 

We talked about the language of leadership, the use of our mind, the effect of stress on our body and how Leadership is a choice. 

As soon as I read Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz’s article in Harvard Business Review – as far back as 2001, I really bought into their ethos and mindset. 

Athletes train for a season. As corporate executives/business owners our season is 24 – 7, 365 days a week! What is our training regime? 

Understanding how the mind works and the impact our mind has on our body is paramount for any one in business. 

Dr Steve Peters OBE, the genius who has worked with the British Cycling team and bestselling author of “The Chimp Paradox” has invaluable insights into the mind and how we can understand its workings. Dr. Peters book is a great read for anyone in business and I recommend to all my clients to read it – you will see a book review popping up on this next week . 

And so, we talked about peoples chimps and had a great discussion about tribes and bananas! 

Tune in for more information on further LS events


Some feedback from our guests: 


“loved it”


“Engaging and thought provoking” 


“My head is in overdrive with these new tools – thankyou!”


“Insightful thoughts, Humorous. Made me think. Thankyou. Great way to spend an evening – keep us posted on future events as would like to bring the entire team next time”. 


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