How to find a coach

How to find a coach


“Coaching is the universal language of change and learning”


Coaching as business tool continues to gain legitimacy. Gone are the days where I have to push coaching and position its benefits, the companies I work with ask for coaching well aware of the results that can be produced. 


How do you find the right coach for you? 


A great coach, in my opinion, will ask different questions of you. They will take you to parts of yourself that perhaps you haven’t explored and will bring a different listening for you.  As a coach, stance matters, and a coach that can sit as an observer and create a sense of query, wonder and kindness will open up an alternative conversation for you. 

As we talk about in our ebook on “Who is at your table” we require different archetypes in our life in order for us to function at our optimum – a coach can take this to another level in fulfilling the “wizard archetype” in your life. 

Think of your intent. What are the reasons behind you looking for a coach?  Understanding this – or having some idea – will help you ask your coach questions on their experience in relation to your outcomes. 


Is the context personal or business related? 


Have a think about what you want to cover in the sessions. What would be your best outcomes? 

As a coach, often what I find is that when clients feel that they have a certain something to cover it can often move into different areas of their life. A recent study by HBR says that only 3% of coaches are hired to address personal issues. 76% of coaches assist executives with personal issues. 


Have a dialogue with your coach. 


I call it a chemistry session. It is paramount that you have rapport with your coach. If you don’t – don’t worry! I know myself that if there is little rapport with someone then I would be doing a disservice to become their coach ( we would definitely say that we could build rapport with anyone as a coach however sometimes it is not meant to be – and that is absolutely a – ok! ). 


Ensure confidentiality – coaches will bide by certain confidentiality clauses and it is worthwhile having a conversation about this to ensure you are comfortable – especially if you are receiving coaching in a  business context. 

Be clear about the time you want to spend and the money you want to invest. 

Some coaches do coaching packages and meet you once a month, once a quarter. The global reach for coaching has expanded with technology and so some coaches will skype/phone/facetime. Work with the medium that feels right for you. 

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