How to communicate...

How to communicate...


We want a communications workshop! No-one communicates here! We need to do something about communication here! 

Are all threads that I hear consistently from clients and I get called to deliver keynotes and workshops on communication. To be honest, and my team will testify to this – I really struggle with it, because – what is it that people want to be done? 

It’s a paradox - a communications workshop seems so trite in the grand scheme of things and, yet,  I do believe communication is the root of all brilliance – and evil – in businesses. It is the cornerstone, the foundation of business. The thing that makes it work. 


 “A problem only exists in the absence of the right conversation”

                                                                                      Werner Erhard 


I am a big fan of this quote. 

And I think I may use it in pretty much all of my workshops and experiencesI It speaks to me on all levels. Think back to times in your life – both business and personal – where a challenge existed. I can bet you a conversation would have been, at the least, a step towards an answer. 

I recently conducted a webinar for Raise the Bar on “Impactful communication”



There are a few elements that I feel are incredibly important in communication. 


  • Listen. There are times when I would like to get up in a meeting and slap people for – blatantly- not listening. Not. Good. Meeting etiquette (however the very thought of giving them a wedgie in that moment gets me through any meeting). The leaders I know who listen generously - who seem to listen from their heart and seem so deeply committed to your success - I would do anything for them. And I focus every day to be that sort of a person for my clients and my team.


  • Be aware of you in the conversation. Increasing your level of self awareness reduces the amount of errors you make. Having an understanding of how you ‘tick’ – the workings of the brain and different personality types enables you to be flexible in the dialogue. Knowing all the different wonderful parts of ourselves, and all our hang- ups can assist in any type of communication. Not least in understanding our projections! 


  • Think about the four squares of communication – the right place, the right time, the right agenda, the right way – and make sure you have the conversation with the right person! 


Having a good knowledge of how our brain works and the different communication preferences can seem simple however when used well can transform any conversation.





“The problem with communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished”

                                                                                                     George Bernhard Shaw

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