What do great leaders do?

What do great leaders do?

What do the best leaders do?


I was reflecting on recent client conversations, leader interviews and events and realised there were some really strong common themes...

A FAITH and COURAGE in their contribution. From Katrina Mather, at the age of 28, knowing that she wants to create wellness in Scotland, to Jim McNeish who enrolled thousands of leaders with his passion for his highland development centre. 

A CONGRUENT  WILL.  Jo Fairley is, as we described, a delight to speak to, and with it has a will and a drive that cuts through glass. Ralphie Lega's determination shines through when you speak to him about 1:Face watch. 

VISION, PURPOSE and CONTIBUTION. All we have spoken to have a strong commitment to their vision. There is a certainty that sits with them whether it be setting up a wellness retreat in Scotland or developing a £140 million chocolate brand, the clarity of the vision gets them up in the morning and magnetises people and circumstances to them. 


 ‘The achievement of my life as a successful human being is not entirely contingent on me”.  


It’s bigger than them. Jim McNeish summed this up in his interview when he said the above – his purpose and commitment has enrolled senior leaders since the start.  Kevin Holesh had a mission to get people to interact, to have human-to-human interaction rather than rapport with their phone when he designed the Moment app. Jack Hubbard’s main focus is in ensuring the dreams of his team can happen  (and who wouldn’t want a dream machine in their office?).  Laila Pawlak from DARE2 Mansion creates phenomenal opportunity and impact through projects such as the Thinkubator


The conversations we have had have been purpose filled and on a level that really matters. These leaders are making an impact and it’s clear why. 


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