Health Stylist

Health Stylist

Fast Forward!!!!!

So anyway, I think September lasted about 3 minutes?  Anybody?  I didn’t get that memo that it had been shortened.

Welcome to the Autumn roundup of Health Styled… I do hope you had an amazing summer.

Just lately I’ve got to thinking of things that I forgot about, sounds odd I know, but here’s another way of looking at it.  How many times have you started project or a good good habit, and possibly let it slip away?  Here’s the biggie though, don’t beat yourself up about it!  Good habits are like favourite jeans or jumpers that you forgot about, and this is exactly the right time of the year to freshen them up and dust them off.

With the mornings in our glorious northern hemisphere being slower to get light, it can be a challenge getting up early in the morning to hit to the gym, but there is also something quite delicious (and a bit smug) about being up and about before anyone else, and hitting it hard. 

For me, I have been embracing early nights to bed, and being up waaaaaaay before I normally would, and its amazing what you can get done through out the day! This has also been a major factor is reducing a lot of stress in my life.  You know one where you go to make an appointment or meet someone, and the traffic is a nightmare and you are in your car getting stressed out?  No one needs that. 

Autumn is also a perfect time to rest.  I give you permission to not watch TV and get ‘cooried doon’ with a good book instead in the evenings.. bliss.

So, what good habits or fun stuff are you going to dust off this Autumn?

Here’s a list of mine to give you some good ideas..

Juicing!  (bought a new juicer – a Philips Vivo, I got the mini one – it’s a beast!!!)

Going to bed early and not watching old episodes of Made in Chelsea (guilty..)

And that’s it!  I’m keep it pure and simple, nothing complicated, nothing unrealistic, 2 things that I know will make a huge difference in the long run.

Have a great Autumn, and I’ll check in again, in a month!


Be fabulous!


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