Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

The Leadership Styled coaching experience is... yours.

Everyone’s requirements and expectations are different and so this is shaped for you.

Perhaps you are unsure about the direction you are taking in your career, perhaps you are realising that starting your own business is the step forward. Perhaps you are looking for your true north or you are looking for the next level of success in your Leadership journey.

The human condition can be complex, scary and utterly confusing. We are all crazy, we all talk to ourselves and we all have stuff going on.

Coaching with Kirsty will ensure you are provided with with a greater self awareness and a greater sense of reality.

“I really believe in giving as much as I can."

I have a background in Sales and Leadership, Psychology, NLP and coaching. I draw on all of my studies to guide you to a point that you want to get to (even though sometimes we have no idea where that might be). I will provide you with as much learning & insight as you ask me for and I promise the journey will be emotional, challenging, enlightening and expansive. I am really looking forward to working with you."


Please share your email address with us and you will be contacted by the LS team for a confidential discussion so you can get ready to Get styled and have the LS experience as soon as you can.  

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* We promise not to virtually stalk you, it will be (at max) weekly round ups and elements that it would be rude not to tell you about...

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